My first introduction to Gary's music was "Liberty", a song that I introduced on  As time went by, I began seeing Gary's name here & there, so I began to click on the links which took me to his music videos.  I became really entertained with the idea, not knowing yet who he really was, that he was a very talented writer, not to mention artist.  So, I asked Gary to send me some of his music for rotation over on my internet radio station.  I listened and was very impressed with him as a person as well.  Through it all I learned many things about being that he is unique, true & the most honorable man I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with.  I later read his bio & was touched with how humble Gary is.  Out of the many artists I have been introduced to, I would definitely say that Gary McCray would be at the top of the select, nominate and give a high vote for all his accomplishments.  I wish Gary the best of luck through all his endeavours.  I look forward to bigger & better things from him  and it is with utmost respect that I thank Gary for sharing his music and himself with us all.  If only the world could truly see what I can hear, life would certainly be a lyric of love.  Thank you Gary on behalf of   I look forward to much more in the future and wish all the best to a great, brilliant writer and singer.

Dodie Brown
Defenders Of Freedom Radio


Hi there, I have loved Gary's music since I first heard it on Facebook.  I am a friend on Facebook and we occasionally have a chat.  I have always found Gary to be polite and I love  his music!  

Lord Christopher Nason


I met Gary several years ago through Gary's old bass player/friend who at the time was playin bass with me in a country band in Oklahoma. Jim said you gotta meet Gary McCray. I had heard a lot about Gary, his music and writing from other players but had never gotten introduced to him. So one day Jim and Gary show up at my house and the tall tales that I had heard about this man named Gary McCray were true. A good friendship was started that day. I appreciate an honest person and Gary is that. God has blessed Gary with a tremendous musical talent and I am glad to see that he is still pursuing it today. There is one thing you can't deny, " Real " honest country music is still the best. A well written song from the heart of someone who has lived it and can sing it with soul, is a good "thang". If you haven't been introduced to Gary McCray and his music yet, I recommend that you do.

Michael Vincent

I would like to take this time out to say that Gary McCray is one of the best singer/songwriters out there. He has written many songs including "Eyes As Big As Dallas" for Wynn Stewart. If you are looking for real country music, look no further than Gary McCray.

Gaylon King
Texas Pride Radio Program Director/On Air Personality/CMA Of Texas DJ Hall Of Fame